Quanto leggeva Umberto Eco?

Quanto leggeva Umberto Eco?

Quanto leggeva Umberto Eco?

Cinquantamila volumi «portati» con leggerezza. Con la meraviglia del bambino, l'accanimento del bibliomane, la curiosità del filosofo.

What is Umberto Eco's Ur-fascism?

  • In 1995, Umberto Eco published an essay title Ur-Fascism in The New York Review of Books. In it, Eco states while there was “only one Nazism,” the “fascist game can be played in many forms, and the name of the game does not change.”

Who is the father of the Italian poet and author eco?

  • Eco was born on 5 January 1932 in the city of Alessandria, in Piedmont in northern Italy, and here he attended high school. His father, Giulio, one of thirteen children, was an accountant before the government called him to serve in three wars. During World War II, Umberto and his mother, Giovanna...

What did Giuseppe Eco do for a living?

  • After graduating, Eco worked for the state broadcasting station Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) in Milan, producing a variety of cultural programming. Following the publication of his first book in 1956, he became an assistant lecturer at his alma mater.

When was eco born?

  • Eco was born in 1932. Mussolini had come to power in 1922, and it wasn’t until Eco was 13, in 1945, that the partisans took over in Milan. It was then, when listening to the simple speech of the local partisan leader, that the young teen understood that “freedom of speech means freedom from rhetoric.”

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