Cosa vuol dire ALL4?

Cosa vuol dire ALL4?

Cosa vuol dire ALL4?

ALL4 è un sistema di trazione integrale permanente utilizzato nei veicoli MINI. Serve ad aumentare la trazione, oltre che aumentare la stabilità e la manovrabilità del veicolo in qualunque condizione stradale e atmosferica.

Why buy a 2019 Mini Countryman Cooper S E ALL4?

  • The 2019 Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4 is just that; offering consumers a vehicle that seems to do it all. This car offers customers a high seating position, all-wheel drive, the ability to run on nothing but electrons, typical Mini style, and an entertaining driving character.

What kind of engine does a Mini Countryman have?

  • For adrenaline-fueled excursions, the biggest, most adventurous MINI yet gets our most powerful, 301-hp TwinPower Turbo engine, ALL4 all-wheel drive, and a Sport Suspension. Contact your local dealer to learn more about the MINI Countryman SUV and how you can start adventuring with yours today.

What is the 0-60 time for the Mini Countryman?

  • The MINI Countryman SUV comes fully equipped with seating for 5 adults, 4 doors, a TwinPower Turbo engine configuration, and get from 0-60 in as little at 4.9 seconds with the JCW model. Contact your local dealer to find out which MINI Countryman SUVs are available in your area for you to own.

What is the difference between the Countryman and countryman Cooper S ALL4?

  • The gas-only Countryman carries 16.1-gallons of petrol in its tank, while the PHEV model has space for just 9.5 gallons of fuel. Fully charged and fueled up, the Countryman PHEV’s EPA-estimated range is 270 miles. Meanwhile, the gas-only Countryman Cooper S All4 would cover 418 miles per tank at its EPA-estimated 26-mpg combined rating.

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