Chi è morto nella Formula 1?

Chi è morto nella Formula 1?

Chi è morto nella Formula 1?

Sir Frank Williams Di seguito il comunicato del team Williams che conferma la scomparsa di Sir Frank: "È con grande tristezza che, a nome della famiglia Williams, il team conferma la morte di Sir Frank Williams, fondatore ed ex team principal della Williams Racing, all'età di 79 anni.

Chi è il padre di Leclerc?

Hervé Leclerc Charles Leclerc/Padri

What happened to Jules Bianchi?

  • Jules Bianchi, a 25-year-old French Formula One driver, died this morning from head injuries sustained during a crash at the Japanese Grand Prix last October. His is the first death due to injuries sustained during a race since legendary Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna was killed during the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. This is obviously tragic.

Who is Gianni Bianchi?

  • Bianchi was a much-loved young driver who’d started 34 F1 championship races, and earned points (meaning a top-10 finish) in Monaco last year, F1’s Wimbledon. What’s remarkable about Bianchi’s death isn’t that it happened, but that another didn’t for twenty years. F1 is easily the most famed racing series on earth.

What happened to Bianchi at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix?

  • The 2014 Japanese Grand Prix was held on 5 October, under intermittent heavy rainfall caused by the approaching Typhoon Phanfone and in fading daylight. On lap 43 of the race, Bianchi lost control of his car and veered right towards the run-off area on the outside of the Dunlop Curve (turn seven) of the Suzuka Circuit.

Is human error to blame for Gianni Bianchi's Suzuka crash?

  • Bianchi’s crash and on going fight for life will continue to spark debate in racing circles, but the report does seem to suggest that human error was largely to blame in this case. Many of the recommendations made by the report could not have been made before the crash at Suzuka, and racing should be safer going forwards.

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