Quanto costa la Fiat Panda Cross a metano?

Quanto costa la Fiat Panda Cross a metano?

Quanto costa la Fiat Panda Cross a metano?

FIAT Panda Cross Metano
FIAT Panda Cross MetanoPrezzo (euro)cm3
Panda Cross 0.9 TwinAir Turbo N. P. City Cross19.050875
Panda Cross 0.9 TwinAir Turbo N. P. Cross19.850875

Is the Fiat Panda Cross the perfect compact off-roader?

  • The Fiat Panda Cross is a chunky little hatchback that could be your ideal compact off-roader if you fancy something small and easy to drive but live somewhere prone to bouts of harsh winter weather. Unlike the Suzuki Jimny, the Fiat Panda Cross isn’t a thoroughbred 4×4 – as its name suggests, it’s based on the humble Panda hatchback.

What is the new Panda Cross?

  • The New Panda Cross represents the most advanced embodiment of the Cross spirit on the Panda range: a new distinctive and sophisticated bold look combined with more technology and equipment, for Panda lovers who never compromise. On anything. A new daring look to get noticed on any road.

How Roomy is the Fiat Panda Cross' cabin?

  • So, it might not feel all that plush inside, but at least the Fiat Panda Cross’ cabin is pretty roomy. There’s loads of headroom in the front (although a height-adjustable driver’s seat doesn’t come as standard on entry-level cars) and three kids will have plenty of space to stretch out in the back.

Why choose the hybrid version of the Panda?

  • Choose your power and enjoy your time on your New Panda. The Hybrid,1.0 GSE 70CV engine available on the Panda range lets you drive and move in a much more convenient and eco-friendly way: not only does it cut CO2 emissions up to 30%* , but it also grants access to LTZs, benefits for parking areas and tax exemptions**.

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