Cosa vuol dire Fia?

Cosa vuol dire Fia?

Cosa vuol dire Fia?

La Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (la denominazione francese è quella ufficiale), in sigla FIA, in italiano Federazione Internazionale dell'Automobile, è una federazione di circa 240 Automobile Club di 144 paesi del mondo, rappresentanti circa 80 milioni di automobilisti.

Cosa significa FIA in Veneto?

contratto (stipula).

What is FIA short for?

  • The meaning of Fia or Fiadh is sometimes given as "deer" but that's in the sense of a wild deer, as the name relates to the ancient word for wild. In Portuguese, Fia means weaver, and Fia may also be a short form of the Italian or Spanish Sofia or Fiammetta or any other fia-related name.

What does FIA stand for in safety?

  • United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (WHO) WHO/Europe; FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society; United Nations Economic Commission for Europe;

What is the full form of FIA?

  • Full form of FIFA in english language is ‘International Federation of Association Football’ and in french language it is ‘Fédération Internationale de Football Association’.

What does the acronym FIA stand for?

  • FIA stands for Funds-In Agreement. Suggest new definition. This definition appears rarely and is found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Military and Government. Business, finance, etc.

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