What Christmas song is Frank Sinatra famous for?

What Christmas song is Frank Sinatra famous for?

What Christmas song is Frank Sinatra famous for?

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 1: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Sinatra first covered it in 1948, delivering the song in a resonant Bing Crosby-esque croon, but, nine years later, he recorded what's regarded as his definitive take on the song.

How many Christmas songs did Frank Sinatra sing?

Christmas Songs by Sinatra is the name of the third studio album by the American singer Frank Sinatra. It was released in 1948 as a 78 rpm album set and a 10" LP record (CL 6019) featuring a collection of 8 holiday songs.

Who sang Christmas songs with Frank Sinatra?

Frank Sinatra Christmas Songs by Sinatra/Artisti

Does Frank Sinatra have a Christmas album?

A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra is a Christmas album by American singer Frank Sinatra, originally released by Capitol Records in 1957.

Is New York New York Frank Sinatra a Christmas song?

It was written for and performed in the film by Liza Minnelli. It remains one of the best-known songs about New York City. In 2004 it finished #31 on AFI's 100 Years......Theme from New York, New York.
"Theme from New York, New York"
Songwriter(s)Fred Ebb, John Kander

Who was Dean Martin's piano player?

Ken Lane Ken Lane, 83, composer and piano accompanist best known for his weekly appearances on “The Dean Martin Show.” Born in Brooklyn, Lane led the Ken Lane Singers, who worked with Frank Sinatra on radio and television.

How much is Frank Sinatra worth?

A year before Frank Sinatra's 1998 death in Beverly Hills, the Wall Street Journal reported that Barbara and her step-kids had become “further enmeshed in a behind-the-scenes battle over his financial holdings, estimated to be worth at least $200 million.”

Who sang with Bing Crosby Christmas?

Bing Crosby Christmas Songs/Artisti

When was Frank Sinatra's Christmas album released?

Septem A Jolly Christmas from Frank Sinatra/Data di uscita

When did Sinatra record Silent Night?

"Silent Night" is a song featured in the 1948 Columbia album, Christmas Songs by Sinatra.

Did Frank Sinatra have singing lessons?

  • Frank Sinatra took voice lessons from John Quinlan , a former singer with New York's Metropolitan Opera , in the beginning of his career (during and perhaps shortly before Sinatra was part of Tommy Dorsey's band). Sinatra even co-wrote a book on singing technique with his teacher:

What are the best Frank Sinatra songs?

  • My Way
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • That's Life
  • Fly Me to the Moon
  • I've Got You Under My Skin
  • Come Fly With Me
  • New York,New York (thème du film)
  • I Get a Kick Out of You
  • Strangers in the Night
  • The Lady is a Tramp

What is Frank Sinatra's birthday?

  • Francis Albert Sinatra (Decem - ) was an American singer and actor. He is of Italian descent. Frank Sinatra was born to Dolly Garaventa and Antonio Sinatra on Decem. The birth was traumatic, as Dolly wasn't even 5 feet tall and Frank weighed 13 and a half pounds.

How many albums did Frank Sinatra have?

  • Frank Sinatra was an extremely prolific artist. He released 59 studio albums, 2 live albums, 8 compilation albums, and 297 different singles taken from the released albums. He released material on 6 different labels throughout his career. There are also over 20 tribute albums to Sinatra composed entirely of covers.

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