Where was the Sleepover Club filmed?

Where was the Sleepover Club filmed?

Where was the Sleepover Club filmed?

Gold Coast Production and filming The original series was produced at Varsity College in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and post produced by Cutting Edge Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Who did Emily Weir play in the Sleepover Club?

Mackenzie Booth Plays Mackenzie Booth Brisbane-born Emily grew up watching Home and Away with her family, so was over the moon when she was offered the role of Mackenzie. Emily first appeared on television in 2003, in The Sleepover Club, but rather than pursuing acting, she went on to study business and creative arts.

Who owns the Sleepover Club?

Olivia Mallinson The Sleepover Club is run by 21-year-old Olivia Mallinson, who started the business after noticing what she said was a gap in the market for fashionable yet luxurious pyjamas.

Who played Marco in The Sleepover Club?

Stefan Le RosaThe Sleepover Club Marco Di Pieri/Interpretato/a da

How many episodes of Sleepover Club are there?

52 The Sleepover Club/Numero di puntate

How many seasons of Sleepover Club are there?

2 The Sleepover Club/Numero di stagioni

Who plays Mackenzie in Home?

Emily Weir
Mackenzie Booth
Home and Away character
Portrayed byEmily Weir
First appearance

Who plays Maz in home and away?

Emily Symons
Emily Symons
Born10 August 1969 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Years active1988–present
Notable workRichmond Hill (1988) Home and Away (1989–92, 1995–99, 2001, 2010–) Emmerdale (2001–08)

Who plays Anya?

Caitlin Stasey Caitlin Stasey played Anya Ooms in season one of For the People.

When did Sleepover Club start?

Novem The Sleepover Club/Prima puntata

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