Chi è la moglie di Guccini?

Chi è la moglie di Guccini?

Chi è la moglie di Guccini?

Raffaella Zuccaris. 2011 Roberta Baccilieris. Francesco Guccini/Moglie

Quando è nata Teresa Guccini?

1978 (età 43 anni) Teresa Guccini/Data di nascita

Quanti figli ha Francesco Guccini?

Teresa Guccini Francesco Guccini/Figli

Come posso contattare Francesco Guccini?

I contatti telefonici sono: +39.051 34 72 78; fax: +39.051.39 32 61; e-mail: info[@] Altro recapito al quali inviare lettere o comunicazioni indirizzate a Francesco Guccini (ma sui quali non si garantisce risposta da parte del musicista) è: Via Paolo Fabbri, 8 Bologna.

What did Francesco Guccini do for a living?

  • Francesco Guccini singing "La Locomotiva". Guccini's first job was as a teacher at a boarding school in Pesaro, but he was fired after a month and a half. He then worked as a journalist at the Gazzetta di Modena for two years.

Did Guccini write Una storia d'amore?

  • Record Producer CGD commissioned Guccini to write a song for the 1967 Sanremo Festival, "Una storia d'amore", to be sung by Caterina Caselli and Gigliola Cinquetti at . The song, though, was not selected for the event, and Guccini was embittered by the edits made by two lyricists engaged by CGD.

Why did Guccini call himself La Collina?

  • The title was a literary reference to Guido Gozzano, and the song "La collina" contained a reference to J. D. Salinger. Guccini's fame began to spread beyond Bologna, partly thanks to the appearance in the TV show Speciale tre milioni, where he sang some of his songs and befriended Claudio Baglioni.

Who is Guccini's partner Deborah Kooperman?

  • After this album Guccini started his 10-year-long collaboration with folksinger Deborah Kooperman, who played fingerstyle guitar on it, a style mostly unknown in Italy at the time. Eleven months after Due anni dopo, the album L'isola non trovata was released.

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