Quanti battiti colibrì?

Quanti battiti colibrì?

Quanti battiti colibrì?

Battiti cardiaci
Tartaruga6 battiti al minuto150 anni di vita
Scimmia190 battiti al minuto15 anni di vita
Coniglio205 battiti al minuto9 anni di vita
Criceto450 battiti al minuto3 anni di vita
Colibrì600 battiti al minuto0,5 anni di vita

Come si riproducono i colibrì?

La femmina depone 1- 3 uova che devono essere incubate per 18 o 21 giorni. Le uova di colibrì sono tra le più piccole al mondo, raggiungendo a malapena una dimensione simile a quella di un chicco di legumi, tipo un fagiolo o una lenticchia.

What does Colibri stand for?

  • COLIBRI stands for Corporate Linked Bonds with Return Improvement (investing). COLIBRI is defined as Corporate Linked Bonds with Return Improvement (investing) very rarely. Printer friendly

What does the name Colibri mean?

  • User Submitted Meanings According to 3 people from the United States and New Zealand, the name Colibri is of Spanish origin and means "Hummingbird". Search for more names by meaning. Submit the origin and/or meaning of Colibri to us below

What does Colibri mean in English?

  • Colibri is a noun. A noun is a type of word the meaning of which determines reality. The translations of colibri from English to other languages presented in this section have been obtained through automatic statistical translation; where the essential translation unit is the word «colibri» in English.

What does Colibri mean in French?

  • Colibri is a very general term for the French vocabulary that does not exactly correspond to a level of scientific classification of birds-flies. That is to say that it is a vernacular name whose meaning is ambiguous in biology because used only to designate a part of the different species of birds classified in the Trochilidae family.

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