What is a Soldo card?

What is a Soldo card?

What is a Soldo card?

Soldo is a multi-user expense account that helps you control business spending and, thanks to the integration with your accounting software, makes it easy and quick to manage and reconcile all company and petty cash expenses.

What type of card is a Soldo card?

prepaid business cards Soldo cards are prepaid business cards. You can add as much money as you like at a time, and give out as many as you like to your team. There is also the option to provide individual employees or departments with virtual company cards, giving them the ability to make online purchases.

Where can I use Soldo card?

You can use Soldo at over 30 million Mastercard® outlets worldwide, including 1.5 million cash machines. Almost all online retailers accept Mastercard®, which means that your virtual Soldo card is just as flexible as plastic.

Is Soldo a credit card?

Soldo does not issue credit cards. Soldo is a multi-user expense system for businesses to manage their cash flow in real time, so users can only spend the funds that you've transferred to their wallet with virtual or plastic Mastercard debit cards.

Is Soldo a bank account?

Is Soldo a bank account? Soldo provides online expense accounts that sit alongside your business bank account, instead of replacing it. You can use your Soldo cards to silo staff spending from your main company funds, as well as accessing powerful new features that aren't available with any banking provider.

How do you use a Soldo card?

How do I activate a card

  1. Log into the mobile app or the web console at manage.soldo.com.
  2. Under Cards, search and select the card to activate.
  3. Enter the CVV (the three-digit code on the back of the card) and Confirm.

Is Soldo a Mastercard?

Soldo is a multi-user spending account, complete with Mastercard® debit cards, intuitive admin and effortless reporting.

How do I transfer money from my Soldo account?

Click 'Wallet', then select 'Main wallets' and select the wallet from which you want to transfer money. Click on the 'Transfer' tab and select the wallet into which you want to transfer funds, then enter the amount you want to transfer and click 'Confirm transfer'.

Can 2 businesses have the same bank account?

You can open as many business bank accounts as you want, provided you meet the institutions' requirements. As a business owner, keeping your business and personal finances separate is a must. But you may want to split up parts of your business's finances, too.

How do I open a Soldo account?

Register for Soldo in five easy steps:

  1. Choose a plan and fill in the registration form.
  2. Get approved and receive your login information.
  3. Fund your Company Wallet by bank transfer.
  4. Add employees and expense and order plastic and/or virtual Soldo cards.
  5. Instantly transfer funds to your users, for free.

What is Soldo prepaid company cards?

  • Prepaid Company Cards & Automated Business Expenses | Soldo Soldo is the prepaid Mastercard® company card that does your business expenses for you. Discover the bright way to manage company spending using Soldo prepaid cards.

What can I do with Soldo?

  • The Soldo web console is intuitive and highly responsive: any changes you make to your users’ card facilities or balances are implemented instantly, in real time. If any of your users only need a card for online purchases, you can give them a virtual Soldo card instead of a physical one.

How can I assign one soldo card to each employee?

  • You can assign one or more Soldo cards to each employee so that each spending stream has its own dedicated card. The cards will come embossed with your users’ names, but you’ll retain ultimate control all the way. You can set bespoke limits, rules and budgets for each card individually; suiting each user, and aligning with your procurement policy.

What are the core features of Soldo?

  • Manage spending and expenses with the core features. Limited to one card. Orchestrate spending with enhanced control. Up to 20 plastic and virtual cards. Advanced controls, reporting and functionality complete the Soldo experience. Enhanced integrations and dedicated support for larger organisations.

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