Cosa succede in Grey's Anatomy 13?

Cosa succede in Grey's Anatomy 13?

Cosa succede in Grey's Anatomy 13?

La tredicesima stagione di Grey's Anatomy segue le vicende giudiziarie di Alex Karev dopo l'aggressione ad Andrew DeLuca. ... Solo a fine giornata la protagonista scopre che De Luca ha ritirato la denuncia permettendo ad Alex di mantenere la sua licenza medica.

Che fine fa Stephanie Edwards?

Jerrika Hinton lascia Grey's Anatomy, ma la dottoressa Stephanie Edwards non muore nella serie: il personaggio interpretato da Jerrika è protagonista della maggior parte dell'azione nel finale della 13° stagione di Grey's Anatomy, nel quale un incendio divampa all'ospedale Grey Sloan Memorial.

In che stagione arriva De Luca in Grey's Anatomy?

Andrew DeLuca nella serie televisiva Grey's Anatomy, prima come guest nell'undicesima stagione della serie, poi come membro ricorrente per 9 episodi, in seguito come membro regolare per i restanti 15 episodi della dodicesima stagione.

Quando muore Callie in Grey's Anatomy?

Come confermato dal finale della dodicesima stagione di “Grey's Anatomy”, la dottoressa Callie Torres lascia la serie dopo dieci stagioni: adesso è ufficiale.

How many episode are in Season 1 of Greys Anatomy?

  • The first season of Grey's Anatomy premiered Ma and ended . It was broadcast on Sunday nights at 10 PM on ABC. The season consists of 9 episodes, although it was originally planned to contain 14 episodes, but was shortened by ABC to end the series together with Desperate Housewives.

Is Greys Anatomy still on the air?

  • Yes, Grey's Anatomy is still on the air. Though the show is not what it once was, it's still hugely successful. As recently as a couple of years ago, it was still the top drama on TV among the younger viewers advertisers cater to, and the show that surpassed it was Scandal, another series from the creator of Grey's, Shonda Rhimes.

Is Grey's Anatomy Season 18 the last season?

  • Although some actors have room in their three-year contracts for a 19th season, Deadline was clear that Pompeo only signed on for a one-year contract extension. It's entirely possible that Season 18 could be the last season of Grey's ever, as Pompeo has mentioned in the past that she doesn't want to continue doing the show forever.

When is 'Grey's Anatomy' ending?

  • Here's Why Fans Are Worried That Grey's Anatomy Is Ending With Season 17 Decem by Mekishana Pierre Season 17 has thrown Grey's Anatomy fans for a loop for many reasons, but now the...

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