In che anno fonda sposa Ted Turner?

In che anno fonda sposa Ted Turner?

In che anno fonda sposa Ted Turner?

Nel 1991 Jane Fonda ha sposato in terze nozze il magnate delle comunicazioni Ted Turner, un matrimonio la cui fine è stata ufficializzata all'inizio del 2000.

Quanti figli ha Henry Fonda?

Jane Fonda Peter FondaAmy Fishman Henry Fonda/Figli Patriarca di una famiglia di celebri attori, che include i figli Jane Fonda e Peter Fonda ed i nipoti Bridget Fonda e Troy Garity, unitamente a Paul Newman e Laurence Olivier detiene il singolare primato di aver ricevuto prima l'Oscar alla carriera e poi come attore (per la sua interpretazione in Sul lago dorato).

Che anno è nata Jane Fonda?

21 dicembre 1937 (età 84 anni), New York, New York, Stati Uniti Jane Fonda/Nascita

Who is Jane Fonda's father on Golden Pond?

  • In On Golden Pond, which Jane produced, she played the Los Angeles-based daughter of an overbearing and cantankerous octogenarian. For the role, she cast an overbearing and cantankerous octogenarian — her father, Henry. The role would earn him his only Academy Award for acting.

What was Henry Fonda like as a person?

  • With passing years, he matured into a star character actor who exemplified not only integrity and strength, but an ideal of the common man fighting against social injustice and oppression. Henry's father, William Brace Fonda, was a commercial printer, proprietor of the W. B. Fonda Printing Company in Omaha, Nebraska.

How did Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda meet?

  • Fonda met his future wife Frances at Denham Studios in England on the set of Wings of the Morning, the first British picture to be filmed in Technicolor. They had two children, Jane (born Decem) and Peter (born Febru), both of whom became successful actors.

What is the Jane Fonda documentary about?

  • Fonda is the subject of an HBO original documentary entitled Jane Fonda in Five Acts, directed by the documentarian Susan Lacy. Receiving rave reviews, it covers Fonda's life from childhood through her acting career and political activism and then to the present day.

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