Che significa Mani Pulite?

Che significa Mani Pulite?

Che significa Mani Pulite?

Mani pulite (comunemente nota anche come Tangentopoli) è il nome giornalistico dato a una serie d'inchieste giudiziarie, condotte in Italia nella prima metà degli anni novanta da parte di varie procure giudiziarie, che rivelarono un sistema fraudolento ovvero corrotto che coinvolgeva in maniera collusa la politica e l' ...

Quanti anni ha Sergio Cusani?

72 anni (4 agosto 1949) Sergio Cusani/Età

What is the meaning of Mani pulite?

  • Mani pulite (Italian: [ˈmaːni puˈliːte], Italian for "clean hands") was a nationwide judicial investigation into political corruption in Italy held in the 1990s. Mani pulite led to the demise of the so-called "First Republic", resulting in the disappearance of many political parties.

How did Bibi Mainaghi die?

  • Beatrice "Bibi" Mainaghi (died 1993) was an Italian businesswoman who was the majority shareholder of her father Michele Mainaghi 's company after his 1992 suicide during the Tangentopoli scandal. She died of an apparent drug overdose in 1993.

Who is Beatrice Mainaghi?

  • Beatrice Mainaghi was the daughter of wealthy Milan industrialist Michele Mainaghi, and she was the sister of Zeno Mainaghi. Better known as "Bibi", she led a rebellious life as a young woman, doing heroin, cocaine, and other drugs, as well as listening to death metal music.

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