Quanto costa andare in pullman?

Quanto costa andare in pullman?

Quanto costa andare in pullman?

Linee per gli aeroporti
TrattaCompagnia autobusPrezzo da*
Milano - Aeroporto MalpensaTerravision, Autostradale8,00 €
Venezia – Aeroporto VeneziaAutostradale8,00 €
Roma – Aeroporto FiumicinoBus Shuttle6,00 €
Roma – Aeroporto CiampinoBus Shuttle6,00 €
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Come si fa a prendere l'autobus?

0:000:45Clip suggerito · 45 secondiCheTutorial | Prendere l'autobus | Lezione #1 - YouTubeYouTube

What is Flix bus service?

  • FlixBus' goal is to provide you a convenient, affordable and easy to use bus service. We always offer the best deals, plus a safe and pleasant travel experience. Low-cost tickets are just a few clicks away on our App or website. Once on board, our partners' experienced drivers will get you safely from A to B while you kick back in comfortable ...

How many routes does Flixbus have?

  • All in all, the company has gone from an intercity bus start-up to Europe’s leading bus provider, and offers routes to over 1,200 destinations in over 20 countries. FlixBus Special Offers FlixBus Timetables

Why choose Flixbus for intercity bus travel?

  • With unbeatable prices, comfortable seats and free Wi-Fi, traveling by bus has never been easier. Whether you want to visit Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Houston, Phoenix or New Orleans, FlixBus provides the intercity bus travel you want, when you want it!

How eco-friendly is Flixbus?

  • FlixBus is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and carbon offset programs. Choose from over 80 travel destinations in 11 states and growing!

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