Dove si parla l'italiano nel mondo?

Dove si parla l'italiano nel mondo?

Dove si parla l'italiano nel mondo?

Dove è parlato nel mondo l'italiano? L'italiano è la lingua ufficiale in Italia, San Marino, Svizzera e Città del Vaticano. È anche la lingua ufficiale in alcune parti della Croazia e della Slovenia.

What is the official language of Malta?

  • Secondary and tertiary education is conducted exclusively in English. Today, 88% of Malta's population speak English. Aside from Maltese, English is the only other official language of the country. Although standard English is official, the variety of English commonly spoken in Malta is heavily influenced by Italian,...

Why choose Malta School of English?

  • Maltalingua School of English is delighted to announce that it is a finalist for the StudyTravel Star Awards 2020 - English Language School Europe. Maltalingua English Language School is the first and only language school in Malta to have been nominated for an award in this category.

Is there a high level of Italian fluency in Malta?

  • This shows a recent increase in fluency in languages, since in 1995, while 98% of the population spoke Maltese, only 76% spoke English, 36% Italian, and 10% French. It shows an increase in Italian fluency, compared to when Italian was an official language of Malta, due to Italian television broadcasts reaching Malta.

What is special about the Maltese language?

  • Malta holds the distinction of being the only country in Europe with a historically Semitic language. The Maltese language is written with a modified Latin Alphabet which includes the graphemes ż, ċ, ġ, ħ, and għ.

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