Chi è il proprietario di Giorgio Armani?

Chi è il proprietario di Giorgio Armani?

Chi è il proprietario di Giorgio Armani?

Giorgio Armani Sergio Galeotti Giorgio Armani/Fondatori

What is Giorgio Armani famous for?

  • Giorgio Armani. Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani is best known for his menswear line. He started his career working in department stores, designing shop windows and eventually working his way up to mensware apparel buyer .

How did Giorgio Armani become famous?

  • Giorgio Armani is an iconic clothing designer who has expanded his empire to include restaurants and hotels. His popularity skyrocketed in America in the 1980s when his men's 'power suits' appeared frequently on the television series Miami Vice and in the 1980 film American Gigolo, which starred Richard Gere in Armani's signature garb.

What is an interesting biography of Giorgio Armani?

  • Giorgio's Personality. Giorgio Armani is fully known for his confidence and right intuitions. ...
  • Childhood and Early Life. On ,Giorgio Armani was born in Italy,Piacenza,Emilia-Romagna to Ugo Armani and Maria Raimondi.
  • Career. ...
  • Personal Life and Achievements. ...

How tall is Giorgio Armani?

  • Giorgio Armani height is 5 feet and 7.75 inches. Or in metric units, Giorgio Armani height is 172 centimetres.

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