Cosa erano i Magi?

Cosa erano i Magi?

Cosa erano i Magi?

I Re Magi erano sacerdoti, saggi e astrologi. E su questo concorda Papa Ratzinger: “Appartenenti alla casta sacerdotale persiana, forse erano astronomi. Erano sapienti venuti dall'Oriente.” Venivano dunque dalla Persia e si ritiene fossero 'zoroastriani'.

Come si chiamano i tre Re Magi?

Qualcosa si smosse dentro di loro e presero la decisione di partire. I Magi erano quindi tre e avevano il nome di Melchiorre, Gaspare e Baldassarre. Sotto la guida della Stella arrivarono a Betlemme e portarono in dono a Gesù Bambino: oro, incenso e mirra.

What is the religion of the Magi?

  • The Magi were most likely priests of Zoroastrianism, the religious system founded by Zoroaster , a 6th century BC persian prophet, in what is now the Kurdistan region of Northern Iraq and Northern Iran. They were well versed in Astrology, which had a major part to play in their religion at the time and was a highly regarded Science at that time.

What is the Order of the Magi?

  • The Order of the Magi, or simply the Magi, are a loose alliance of wizards trained in the High Art of magic. High Art is the ability to change the world by drawing power from The Other Side, tempered by knowledge. All the Magi seem to have stopped aging, and are now centuries old.

What is the mission of the Magi?

  • The Magi Mission. Because there was no room at the inn, and Mary's time to have Jesus Christ, they had to find a place to stay and had to find room at the stables. The Magi followed the Star and believing that the Messiah was supposed to be a King, they assumed that He would be born in Jerusalem.

Who are the characters in the gift of the Magi?

  • The main characters in "The Gift of the Magi" are Mr. James Dillingham Young, known as Jim, and his wife Della.

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