Why was Silent Hill Revelation so bad?

Why was Silent Hill Revelation so bad?

Why was Silent Hill Revelation so bad?

Gans recreated the look and feel of the games and the movie featured beautiful sets, cinematography and camerawork, with some memorable scenes of horror too. That said, it was hampered by clunky dialogue, a needlessly complicated story and a worthless Sean Bean subplot.

What does the end of Silent Hill Revelation mean?

At the end of the original Silent Hill, Sharon and Dark Alessa recombine to become a complete incarnation of Alessa, containing all parts of Alessa's personality and powers. This complete version of Alessa is the child Rose takes home with her, thinking she is Sharon.

What is the message of Silent Hill?

The philosophy of Silent Hill is to face your fears and overcome your demons. People are summoned to the town because they have committed crimes or can not come to terms with their guilt or problems.

Is Silent Hill Revelation connection to first movie?

Is Silent Hill Revelation connection to first movie? Sadly, it does not. It revels in it. Silent Hill Revelations 3D follows the story of Sharon DeSilva (Adalaide Clemens) and father Christopher DeSilva (Sean Bean) several years after the first film. …

Is Silent Hill 2 worth watching?

It's perhaps the only blemish on what is an otherwise flawless game. Those limitations aside, Silent Hill 2 is a game that holds-up remarkably well in the modern era, with its graphics still looking crisp and detailed, as well as its stomach-churning sound design putting many recent releases to shame.

Are there 2 Silent Hill movies?

Currently, two Silent Hill movies have been released. The first entry, simply called Silent Hill, reached cinemas in 2006. Director Christophe Gans crafted an atmospheric film from Roger Avery's script.

Why is Rose stuck in Silent Hill?

Alessa wanted Rose to act as her new mother and had no intention of returning to the real world, so she trapped Rose in the place where she feels safe, where no one can ever take her mother from her again.

What do the sirens mean in Silent Hill?

The siren serves as a constant warning "system" of the horrifying transition from the Real World or Fog World to the Otherworld in the Silent Hill series.

Did Kojima create Silent Hill?

Silent Hills is a cancelled horror game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami for the PlayStation 4. It had been in development since 2012 until its cancellation in 2015.

Who is the little girl in Silent Hill?

Alessa Gillespie is a major character in the Silent Hill film. Her character is based on the game character of the same name. She is the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie and niece to Christabella.

Is Silent Hill a real ghost town?

  • Silent Hill: the real ghost town. The Silent Hill from the homonymous and renowned videogame franchise of psychological survival horrors, is described as an holiday resort on the Toluca Lake , divided into various areas, amongst which stand the residential district and the old part of the town.

What are the monsters in Silent Hill?

  • Prisoner Minion. The Prisoner Minion is a monster in Silent Hill: Downpour. They wear a metal contraption on their heads. There are two types of Prisoner Minions: Brawlers and Stabbers. There is a larger, more powerful variant called the Prisoner Juggernaut.

Is Silent Hill based on the game?

  • The names and designs of some Silent Hill creatures and puzzles are based on books enjoyed by the character of Alessa, including The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle and Lewis Carroll 's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The game contains several real-life references, particularly in characters' names.

Who is the nurse in Silent Hill?

  • The Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2. The nurses of Silent Hill 2 in Brookhaven Hospital are called Bubble Head Nurses, and are manifested from the mind of protagonist James Sunderland, combining his anxieties surrounding his wife's terminal illness and his sexual deprivation that came with it.

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