Dove si ferma Flixbus a Bari?

Dove si ferma Flixbus a Bari?

Dove si ferma Flixbus a Bari?

Via Giuseppe Capruzzi 178 Come raggiungere il porto di Bari: Gli autobus FlixBus per Bari si fermano in Via Giuseppe Capruzzi 178, proprio dietro la stazione centrale. Il porto si trova a 7 km di distanza, per raggiungerlo si consiglia di prendere la linea 20 del servizio di autobus cittadino.

Where does Flixbus work?

  • FlixBus currently offers connections throughout the southwest, including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Tucson and Phoenix, and plans to add more routes throughout the year. Like in Europe, FlixBus focuses on marketing, scheduling and booking operations, and works with regional, medium-sized bus companies.

How to rent a bus with Flixbus charter?

  • With FlixBus Charter, you can easily and quickly rent a bus at a great price. We would like to make the planning of your bus trip as easy as possible. Simply enter the number of passengers, travel date, and desired route into the instant price calculator.

How do I buy a Flixbus ticket?

  • Buy your low cost bus tickets online, via our bus app, in one of our FlixBus stores or directly from the bus driver. Your ticket is your guarantee to a comfortable seat on board. Snacks & drinks are also available from our friendly bus drivers along with free Wi-Fi and plug sockets - on each one of our buses!

Is there a toilet on Flixbus buses?

  • There is a toilet on all FlixBus buses! The toilet is usually located at the back or near the middle door of the bus. We recommend bringing some hand sanitizer with you, as not all buses have running water.

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