Is Mahindra XUV500 7 seater?

Is Mahindra XUV500 7 seater?

Is Mahindra XUV500 7 seater?

Mahindra XUV500 is a 7 seater SUV with the last recorded price of ₹ 12.37 - 20.11 Lakh. It is available in 20 variants, 1 engine option and 3 transmission options : Manual, Automatic and Automatic (Torque Converter).

Is XUV 500 better than Innova?

Innova Crysta provides the mileage of 10 kmpl and XUV500 provides the mileage of 15.1 kmpl....Innova Crysta vs XUV500 Comparison Overview.
Key HighlightsInnova CrystaXUV500
Price₹ 17.18 Lakh₹ 12.37 Lakh
Engine Capacity2694 cc2179 cc
Power164 bhp153 bhp

What is the price of a new Mahindra XUV 500?

Explore Price of XUV500 Alternatives
VariantEx-Showroom Price
W8 AWD2179 cc, Manual, Diesel, 16.0 kmplEXPIREDRs.16.03 Lakh*
G AT2179 cc, Automatic, Petrol, 11.1 kmplEXPIREDRs.16.10 Lakh*
W10 2WD2179 cc, Manual, Diesel, 16.0 kmplEXPIREDRs.16.28 Lakh*
AT W9 2WD2179 cc, Automatic, Diesel, 16.0 kmplEXPIREDRs.16.53 Lakh*

Which is better XUV500 or Creta?

Creta provides the mileage of 17 kmpl and XUV500 provides the mileage of 15.1 kmpl....Creta vs XUV500 Comparison Overview.
Key HighlightsCretaXUV500
Price₹ 10.16 Lakh₹ 12.37 Lakh
Engine Capacity1497 cc2179 cc
Power113 bhp153 bhp
1 altra riga

Is XUV500 a 4x4?

This SUV is being offered in three different trims of which there are two trims with a two wheel drive (2WD), while the top end trim in this model lineup is an 4-wheel drive (AWD) option. The Mahindra XUV 500 W8 4WD has been loaded with some of the best in class safety and comfort features.

Is XUV500 worth buying?

Else everything is good. But if I had to spend the money i would prefer Tata Hexa much more as it has ample of space. We have driven xuv 1 lakh kms and the maintenance is very less....User Review on Mahindra XUV500 W9 []
4.0 Exterior2.0 Comfort
4.0 Performance1.0 Fuel Economy
2.0 Value for Money

Is XUV500 good for long drive?

Made for new age Indians, Mahindra XUV 500 is a well-engineered, contemporary SUV that comes with All-Wheel Drive (AWD). ... The XUV 500 has a mature styling with acres of space on 1st and 2nd seat rows. Good highway and off-road performance make it one of the best cars for long drives.

How much is Mahindra XUV500 in SA?

R 463 999.00 (Recommended retail)

Does Mahindra XUV come in automatic?

Feel comfortable any time of the year when you are inside of the New Age Mahindra XUV 500 with fully automatic adjustable climate control, with heating and air conditioning.

Which is better XUV500 or Harrier?

XUV500 provides the mileage of 15.1 kmpl and Harrier provides the mileage of 16.35 kmpl....XUV500 vs Harrier Comparison Overview.
Key HighlightsXUV500Harrier
Engine Capacity2179 cc1956 cc
Power153 bhp168 bhp
Fuel TypeDieselDiesel
1 altra riga

What is the fuel tank capacity of Mahindra XUV500?

  • Mahindra XUV500 engine is a diesel engine with a mileage of 15.1kmpl as per ARAI, and the fuel tank has a capacity of 70 liters. This car can reach a top speed of 185 kmph.

What is the mileage of Mahindra XUV500?

  • Mahindra XUV 500 wont disappoint in that. Mahindra claims a mileage of around 15kmpl .However in city conditions around 12kmpl can be reliable in highway 15kmpl is gettable. Maintenance according to schedule, running vehicle at consistant speed as much as possible are some of the factors that could help for getting best of mileage.

What is the actual mileage of XUV 500?

  • The Mahindra XUV500 mileage is 15.1 kmpl. The Manual Diesel variant has a mileage of 15.1 kmpl. The Automatic Diesel variant has a mileage of 15.1 kmpl. * City & Highway Mileage tested by Cardekho...

What is the boot space of Mahindra XUV500?

  • Q. How much boot space is available in Mahindra XUV500? Ans : The XUV500 offers a boot space of 93-litres when all seats are in place, which can be further increased by folding the two seat rows. There is a plenty of storage space for small bags and objects.

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