How do I activate Volvo On Call?

How do I activate Volvo On Call?

How do I activate Volvo On Call?

Tap on Settings in top view. Press CommunicationVolvo On Call. - Select Activate UNIT to activate the Volvo On Call service and subscription. Contact your Volvo dealer for more information on subscription renewal and system reactivation.

What is the On Call button for on Volvo xc40?

Volvo On Call. provides direct contact to the car as well as extra comfort and assistance 24 hours a day. For example, you can lock and unlock the car or check the fuel level directly on a phone via the Volvo On Call app.

Is Volvo On Call app free?

The Volvo On Call app is available to download free from Apple App Store or Google Play. You can test most of the app functions without connecting to a vehicle by downloading it and running it in demo mode. The Volvo On Call app is continuously updated.

How much does Volvo on call cost?

Volvo On Call subscriptions vary based on the length of service, so you need to speak directly with your Volvo retailer to discuss the plans available. A one-year subscription typically costs £34.90, while a two-year subscription is around £59.90.

What does Volvo On Call button do?

Volvo On Call is an emergency and tracking subscription-based service that combines with an app to control your Volvo remotely from your smartphone, smartwatch or iPad. This service gives you remote access to your Volvo as well as an abundance of helpful convenience and safety features.

How long is Volvo On Call free?

four-year Is Volvo On Call free? A four-year complimentary subscription is enjoyed with every new Volvo vehicle lease or purchase.

Does Volvo On Call expire?

You cannot use the Volvo On Call services or the Volvo On Call app when the subscription has expired. Though, the emergency services via the SOS button and automatic collision alert will continue to function. To use Volvo On Call again, you will need to renew your subscription.

How does Volvo on Call Connect?

Volvo ID can be created when logging into the Volvo On Call app. Sit in the driver's seat with the mobile phone and switch on the ignition in the car. Do not start the car's engine. Login to the Volvo On Call app with your Volvo ID and then follow the instructions in the app.

Is Volvo on Call a tracker?

If theft or other unauthorised use of the car has been discovered, then the car's owner along with the police and the Volvo On Call service centre agree that the car should be traced. ... The Volvo On Call service centre sends a message to the car to determine the car's position.

Does Volvo On Call work without SIM card?

Volvo On Call is a subscription service To use the 3G / 4G mobile broadband connection a personal SIM card is required.

What can you do with the Volvo on call app?

  • Follow the links below to find out more about the app functions and how to use them: Finding the car using the Volvo Cars app Sending a destination to the car's navigation system using the Volvo Cars app Maintenance messages in the Volvo Cars app Using the driving journal with the Volvo Cars app Lock function in the Volvo Cars app Booking a service with the Volvo Cars app Handling battery and charging functions in the Volvo Cars app

How much is Volvo on call subscription?

  • The On Call app is free for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices. As for using On Call with your Volvo, the first six months are free. After that, a 12 month subscription costs around $200.00. So does it make sense to go for the On Call application with your Volvo?

Is Volvo a good car?

  • Safety. Volvo has been a champion for safety for decades and was,in fact,the first automaker to center the bulk of its marketing around the exceptional safety of its ...
  • Performance. The ride and handling of Volvo’s cars tend to skew more towards comfort than sporty. ...
  • Convenience. ...
  • Affordability. ...
  • Cost Of Ownership. ...
  • Styling. ...

What is the Volvo on call app?

  • Volvo On Call is a built-in assistance system with an app that gives you the facility to control your Volvo remotely. With the Volvo On Call app you can, amongst other things, lock your car, read the instrument panel and remotely-control the climate in your car by means of a single tap in the app.

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