Che motore monta la Dacia Sandero 2021?

Che motore monta la Dacia Sandero 2021?

Che motore monta la Dacia Sandero 2021?

Motori Dacia Sandero 2021 Troviamo sempre il 1.0 tre cilindri benzina declinato in diverse varianti. La prima, la meno prestazionale, è il motore SCe da 65 CV che viene reso disponibile su tutti gli allestimenti.

Che motore monta Dacia Sandero 2021?

Motore3 cilindri turbo benzina da 998 cc
Coppia massima170 Nm @2.000 giri
Velocità massima173 km/h
0-100 km/h11,9 sec
Dimensioni4,1 x 1,85 x 1,59 m

What powertrains are available in the Sandero and stepway?

  • Petrol and LPG Bi-Fuel powertrains are available in Sandero and Stepway models, all of which comply with stringent Euro6D-Full emissions standards that come into effect on 1 January 2021. The full engine line-up includes: SCe 65: naturally aspirated 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission.

What is Media Control on the all-new Sandero and stepway?

  • The All-New Sandero and Stepway offer two different multimedia systems: Media Control and Media Nav. With Media Control, smartphones can be placed on a clever removable smartphone support in front of the driver to become a remote multimedia system via the new free Dacia Media Control app and a Bluetooth or USB connection.

Is the Dacia Sandero a good small car?

  • Not here, though, because the Dacia Sandero is a fine small car to spend time in and is actually above average in many areas. For practicality, it’s actually one of the best in the class.

What are the new features of the all-new Sandero?

  • Ground clearance is unchanged yet the New Sandero gives the impression of sitting lower and more grounded. The front and rear lights display Dacia’s new Y-shaped LED light signature, providing the All-New Sandero with a strong identity.

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