In che anno è morto Enrico Berlinguer?

In che anno è morto Enrico Berlinguer?

In che anno è morto Enrico Berlinguer?

62 anni () Enrico Berlinguer/Età al momento della morte

Dove è nato Enrico Berlinguer?

Sassari, Italia Enrico Berlinguer/Luogo di nascita

Who is Enrico Berlinguer?

  • Enrico Berlinguer (Italian: [enˈriːko berliŋˈɡwɛr] (listen); – ) was an Italian politician.

Who is Giuseppe Berlinguer?

  • Berlinguer's career was obviously carrying him towards the highest positions in the party. After having held many responsible posts, in 1968 he was elected a deputy for the first time for the electoral district of Rome. The following year, he was elected deputy national secretary of the party (the secretary being Luigi Longo ).

What happened to Eduardo Berlinguer?

  • In 1973, having been hospitalized after a car accident during a visit to Bulgaria (now widely considered an attempt on his life on orders from Moscow), Berlinguer wrote three famous articles ("Reflections on Italy", "After the facts of Chile" and "After the Coup [in Chile]") for the intellectual weekly magazine of the party, Rinascita.

What was Berlinguer's last speech?

  • Berlinguer's last major statement was a call for the solidarity among the leftist parties. On , Berlinguer suddenly left the stage during a speech at a public meeting in Padua: he had suffered a brain haemorrhage and died four days later, on .

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