Quanti anni ha l'attore Viggo Mortensen?

Quanti anni ha l'attore Viggo Mortensen?

Quanti anni ha l'attore Viggo Mortensen?

63 anni (20 ottobre 1958) Viggo Mortensen/Età Viggo Mortensen. Data di nascita 20 ottobre 1958 a New York City, New York (USA). Al cinema il 12 maggio 2022 con il film Tredici Vite. Viggo Mortensen ha oggi 63 anni ed è del segno zodiacale Bilancia.

What nationality is Viggo Mortensen?

  • Viggo Mortensen was born on Octo. He was from the middle-class family born as Viggo Peter Mortensen Jr. in Manhattan, New York City, United States of America. Born to mother Grace Gamble and father Viggo Peter Mortensen, he holds an American and Danish nationality.

Where is Viggo Mortensen now?

  • Mortensen currently lives in Spain but still has family in the North Country and returns often. He was spotted at the Mustard Seed Natural Market and Cafe in Watertown around Christmas 2019 and he made extended stays helping take care of his mother, Grace, when she died in 2015 and his father, Viggo Sr., when he died two years later.

Is Viggo Mortensen married?

  • Exene Cervenka was born on Febru in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Christine Cervenkova. She has been married to Jason Edge since Aug. She was previously married to Viggo Mortensen and John Doe.

How tall is Viggo Mortensen?

  • At a height of 5 feet 10.66 inches, or cm tall, Viggo Mortensen is taller than 46.72% and smaller than 53.27% of all males in our height database.

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