Who is Todd stashwick in Teen Wolf?

Who is Todd stashwick in Teen Wolf?

Who is Todd stashwick in Teen Wolf?

Henry Tate Teen Wolf (TV Series ) - Todd Stashwick as Henry Tate - IMDb.

Who played Dracula in supernatural?

Todd Stashwick Todd Stashwick is the American actor who portrayed the shapeshifter Dracula in Supernatural Season 4's "Monster Movie." His numerous TV credits include 12 Monkeys, Gotham and The Originals.

Who played Teague Nolan on SWAT?

Todd Stashwick S.W.A.T. (TV Series 2017– ) - Todd Stashwick as Teague Nolan - IMDb.

Who plays Uncle Kieran?

Kieran O'Connell
Biographical Information
OccupationPriest Leader of the Human Faction
Played ByTodd Stashwick

Is Todd stashwick married?

Charity Stashwickm. 1997 Todd Stashwick/Coniuge

What happened to Malia's dad?

What is known is that he is extremely devoted to his family, and he became a depressed recluse after the accident that killed Evelyn and his biological daughter (as well as Malia, who he believed to be dead for over eight years).

How tall is stashwick?

1.88 m Todd Stashwick/Altezza

Who did Todd stashwick play in criminal minds?

Eddie Lee Wilcox Television
2013Criminal MindsEddie Lee Wilcox
2013–14The OriginalsFather Kieran O'Connell
2014–15Teen WolfHenry Tate
2014–15GothamRichard Sionis / The Mask

Does Kieran become a vampire?

After Klaus and Kieran had formed a sort-of friendship, Klaus turned Kieran into a vampire to save his life before eventually having to mercy-kill him.

Why did Kieran get hexed?

Kieran had a brother who fathered twin children: Sean and Camille O'Connell. Kieran was very close to his niece and nephew, and Sean was in seminary to become a priest, like his uncle. ... The witches refused to back down and Agnes put a hex on Sean to distract Kieran.

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