Quanti anni ha Riccardo Montolivo?

Quanti anni ha Riccardo Montolivo?

Quanti anni ha Riccardo Montolivo?

36 anni (18 gennaio 1985) Riccardo Montolivo/Età

Dove è nato Riccardo Montolivo?

Milano, Italia Riccardo Montolivo/Luogo di nascita

Cosa fa Montolivo?

Calciatore Riccardo Montolivo/Professioni

Quante presenze ha fatto Montolivo in Nazionale?


In che anno si è ritirato Montolivo?

perché, anche se Montolivo ancora non lo sa, quella rimarrà l'ultima presenza in assoluto prima del ritiro dalle scene, avvenuto ufficialmente il 13 novembre 2019 con l'annuncio ufficiale dello stop.

Dove gioca attualmente Montolivo?

Nazionale di calcio dell'Italia#18 / Centrocampista Riccardo Montolivo/Squadre attuali

Quanto è alto Montolivo?

1,82 m Riccardo Montolivo/Altezza

Quanto guadagna Montolivo?

3,5 milioni EUR (2012) Riccardo Montolivo/Stipendio

Quanto è alto Borja Valero?

1,75 m Borja Valero/Altezza

How old is Riccardo Montolivo?

  • Riccardo Montolivo ( Italian pronunciation: [rikˈkardo montoˈliːvo]; born 18 January 1985) is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder. He is currently a free agent, having most recently played for A.C. Milan.

Who is Gianluigi Montolivo?

  • Montolivo made his debut for the Italian national team in 2007 against South Africa, Since then, he represented the country in two FIFA Confederations Cups ( 20, winning a bronze medal in the latter edition of the tournament), as well as in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and UEFA Euro 2012, the latter where he played as a starter in the final.

What happened to Giuseppe Montolivo?

  • On 13 November 2019, Montolivo announced his retirement from football. Montolivo represented Italy at under-16, under-18, under-19, and under-21 levels before receiving his first cap for the senior team in 2007.

Why did Montolivo miss his debut season in Serie A?

  • Montolivo missed the first matches of his debut season in Serie A because he was out with an injury. He made his Serie A debut in a 2–2 draw against Lecce. He scored goals in consecutive matches against Cagliari and Parma. On 23 January 2005, he received the first red card of his career in a match against Lecce.

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