Cosa costa la nuova 500X?

Cosa costa la nuova 500X?

Cosa costa la nuova 500X?

€ 16.500 Fiat 500X a € 16.500. Fiat 500X CULT 1,0 120cv Euro 6d Listino € 22.100 (IPT e contributo PFU esclusi), promo € 18.500 oppure € 16.500 solo con finanziamento Contributo Prezzo di FCA Bank.

Quanto costa la 500X usata?

Fiat 500x usate
Prezzo minimoPrezzo medio
Fiat 500x usate 201814.50017.600
Fiat 500x usate 201915.50019.400
Fiat 500x usate 202015.45020.040
Fiat 500x usate 20213021.800

Quanto costa 500X con cambio automatico?

16.900 euro La gamma 500X parte da 16.900 euro, completa di climatizzatore, cruise control e UconnectTM Radio con comandi al volante, e con il finanziamento MENOMILLE si sottraggono ulteriori 1.000 euro dal prezzo di vendita.

Quanto costa 500x 2016?

Fiat 500x usate
Prezzo minimoPrezzo medio
Fiat 500x usate 201511.00014.650
Fiat 500x usate 201610.97014.820
Fiat 500x usate 201713.50016.290
Fiat 500x usate 201814.50017.630
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Quanto può durare una Fiat 500?

sette anni In generale, per la maggior parte dei costruttori, sette anni è il tempo corretto di permanenza sul mercato.

What is the lowest price for a Fiat 500X?

  • The least-expensive 2021 FIAT 500X is the 2021 FIAT 500X Pop 4dr SUV AWD (1.3L 4cyl Turbo 9A). Including destination charge, it arrives with a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of about $25,815. What are the different models of FIAT 500X?

What are the different models of the 2021 Fiat 500X?

  • The 2021 Fiat 500X is an extra-small crossover SUV available in four trim levels: Pop, Trekking, Sport and Trekking Plus. A turbocharged 1.3-liter four-cylinder engine (177 horsepower, 210 lb-ft of torque) and nine-speed automatic transmission come standard throughout the lineup.

How big of a trunk does the 500X have?

  • By the numbers, the 500X's trunk is average (14.1 cubic feet behind the rear seats) but it's enough for grocery bags and the like. You can fit bigger items by folding down the rear seats. Storage for personal items within the cabin is much better by comparison.

Is the Honda 500X a good car?

  • Not a bad business decision, really, as subcompact SUVs occupy a popular niche with buyers, and the 500X has more styling flair than most. Standard all-wheel drive and a quiet, smooth ride also bolster its appeal. Still, the 500X feels slightly underwhelming when compared to its closest competitors.

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