Cosa rappresenta lo stemma della Juve?

Cosa rappresenta lo stemma della Juve?

Cosa rappresenta lo stemma della Juve?

Il nuovo logo rappresenta in modo immediato e inconfondibile Juventus nella sua essenza: la J del nome, le strisce della maglia, lo scudetto della vittoria».

Dove è stata fondata la Juventus?

1 novembre 1897, Torino, Italia Juventus Football Club/Fondazione

What is the history of Juventus Football Club?

  • The Juventus team during the 1905 season in which they won their first league title Juventus were founded as Sport-Club Juventus in late 1897 by pupils from the Massimo d'Azeglio Lyceum school in Turin, among them the brothers Eugenio and Enrico Canfari, but were renamed as Foot-Ball Club Juventus two years later.

Why is Juventus called the old lady of Juventus?

  • The "old" part of the nickname is a pun on Juventus which means "youth" in Latin. It was derived from the age of the Juventus star players towards the middle of the 1930s. The "lady" part of the nickname is how fans of the club affectionately referred to it before the 1930s.

Why does Juventus have a star above their badge?

  • Juventus was the first team in association football history to adopt a star, who added one above their badge in 1958 to represent their tenth Italian Football Championship and Serie A title, and has since become popularized with other clubs as well.

How many times has Juventus won the Coppa Italia?

  • On , Juventus won their 12th Coppa Italia title in a 2–0 win over Lazio (the first team to win three consecutive championships). Four days later on 21 May, Juventus became the first team to win six consecutive Serie A titles.

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