Quanto ci vuole per girare la Sardegna in macchina?

Quanto ci vuole per girare la Sardegna in macchina?

Quanto ci vuole per girare la Sardegna in macchina?

Tariffe – Tour Sardegna in auto
Quote valide fino al 21Prezzi per persona in camera doppia
Alta Stagione 1 Giugno – settembre 2021740€
Alta Stagione 2 Luglio 2021785€
Altissima Stagione Dal 01 al 05 agosto 2021 Dal 21 al 31 agosto 2021840€
Picco Stagione Dal 06 al 20 agosto 2021980€

Cosa fare in Sardegna 10 giorni?

Ecco una Ecco cosa vedere in Sardegna in 10 giorni.

  • Golfo degli Aranci. Golfo Aranci prende il suo nome da un malinteso: in origine si chiamava “Golfu de li ranci”, ovvero “Golfo dei Granchi”. ...
  • Alghero. ...
  • Porto Cervo. ...
  • San Teodoro. ...
  • Budoni. ...
  • Castiadas. ...
  • Santa margherita di Pula. ...
  • Costa Rei.

Quanti chilometri ci sono da Cagliari ad Olbia?

193 km La distanza da Olbia a Cagliari è 193 km. La distanza stradale è 255 km.

Why book a car rental in Sardinia?

  • With a car rental in Sardinia, Italy you'll be free to explore this beautiful Mediterranean island and forge an unforgettable vacation at your own pace. From sailing adventures to the serenity of national parks, Sardinia has something for everyone.

What are the speed limits in Sardinia?

  • In Sardinia the limit of speed allowed by law is 90 km/h. Whether you are in Sardinia for work or on holiday, it is important to be carful and to respect the speed limits, above all during bad weather conditions, like rain or fog. The Italian Highway code specifies that car headlights must be switched on all the time, both night and day.

Do you need an international driver's permit in Sardinia?

  • To rent a car in Sardinia, you're now instructed to present an International Driver's Permit in the event you come from the US or Canada. To purchase an IDP, please check out your neighborhood AAA. There they can be acquired for approximately $20. Continue reading to learn more about Italy's new IDP laws.

Why choose sardinya car hire?

  • For this reason Sardinya Car Hire has fixed clear and simple prices. It is very important to verify that, whatever rental company you will choose, it is better to have branches located all over the island (as Our Company has ), in order to ensure a complete assistance in any situation and wherever you may be during your stay.

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