Quando è uscita la Lancia Ypsilon?

Quando è uscita la Lancia Ypsilon?

Quando è uscita la Lancia Ypsilon?

2003 La Lancia Ypsilon è un'automobile del segmento B prodotta dal 2003 dalla casa automobilistica torinese Lancia in due generazioni.

Quanti cavalli ha la Lancia Ypsilon diesel?

95 CV Per avere più brio ci sono il bicilindrico 0.9 TwinAir (da 86 CV, anche con cambio robotizzato DFN a 5 marce), oppure il 1.3 a gasolio, che con i suoi 95 CV è il più potente della gamma.

When did the Lancia Y come out in Italy?

  • The Lancia Y (Type 840) was designed by Enrico Fumia in 1992. It was developed over 24 months at a cost of around 400 billion Italian lira and was presented in Rome in January 1996. The arches defined the car, repeating themselves on all sides of the car. The length is 3.72 m, 33 cm longer than the Y10.

What kind of engine does a Lancia have?

  • Given the limited success of the Pratola Serra engine, it was soon replaced by the first so-called SuperFIRE engine, featuring four valves per cylinder and multipoint fuel injection. The Lancia Y was the first car to receive this evolution of the FIRE.

What are the main features of the Lancia Y?

  • The main features of the Lancia Y include five seats, a soft plastic dashboard, and accessories, and options, including body colors in 100 shades from the Lancia Kaleidoscope catalog. Another design property that distinguished the Y was the instrument cluster in the center of the dashboard, which was adopted by the Musa and Ypsilon later in 2003.

Is the Lancia Ypsilon 16V LX a good car?

  • The Italian magazine Quattroruote test drove the "Ypsilon 16V LX" beyond its usual city use and praised its excellent power reserves while offering the comforts of a car worthy of a higher price. The Lancia Ypsilon was featured in Gran Turismo 2.

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