Quanto vale una Vespa GTS 300?

Quanto vale una Vespa GTS 300?

Quanto vale una Vespa GTS 300?

Quotazioni usato Vespa GTS 300
€ 5.138€ 4.852€ 4.024
1 altra riga

Quanto pesa una vespa?

Lunghezza1.800 mm
Larghezza740 mm
Altezza sella da terra MIN785 mm
Interasse1.280 mm
Peso a secco114 Kg

Quanto pesa una Vespa 125 Px?

Lunghezza1.780 mm
Larghezza745 mm
Altezza sella da terra MIN810 mm
Interasse1.250 mm
Peso a secco97 Kg

Quanto pesa un PX?

Caratteristiche tecniche
Dimensioni e pesi
Interasse: 1235 mmMassa a vuoto: 98 kg
Tipo motore: monocilindrico orizzontale a 2 tempi
Cilindrata123,4 cm³ (Alesaggio 52,5 x Corsa 57 mm)

How fast is a Vespa GTS 300 Touring?

  • 2018 Vespa GTS 300 / GTS 300 Touring. Year: 2018. Make: Vespa. Model: GTS. Engine: single cylinder. Displacement: 278 L. Top Speed: 73 mph. Price: 6949.

How much does a Vespa touring cost?

  • The factory will turn loose its base model Vespa GTS 300 for $6,949. Fans of the Touring model can expect to shell out a total of $7,149, and both come with a 24-month warranty.

What's new with Vespa scooters in 2019?

  • Vespa carries its GTS 300 scooter into 2019, along with the variant dubbed the “Touring” added in 2018. As usual, Vespa maintains the classic looks and features long associated with the brand, but added some decidedly modern gadgetry to the mix that brings the machine right up to date.

What are the specs of a GTS 300?

  • Vespa GTS 300 Specifications Engine & Drivetrain: Engine: 4-stroke single cylinder, 4 valves, elec ... Displacement : 278 cc Bore x Stroke: 75 mm x 63 mm Max Power at crankshaft : 21.2 hp (15.6 kW) @ 7,750 rpm ...

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