Quando è nato Davi Lucca da Silva Santos?

Quando è nato Davi Lucca da Silva Santos?

Quando è nato Davi Lucca da Silva Santos?

24 agosto 2011 (età 10 anni) Davi Lucca da Silva Santos/Data di nascita

Quanti anni ha Davi Lucca?

10 anni (24 agosto 2011) Davi Lucca da Silva Santos/Età

Chi è la mamma di Davi Lucca da Silva Santos?

Carolina Dantas Davi Lucca da Silva Santos/Madri Il 24 agosto 2011 Neymar diventa padre di Davi Lucca, avuto dalla sua ex fidanzata Caroline Dantas.

Come si chiama la figlia di Neymar?

Davi Lucca da Silva Santos Neymar/Figli

Chi è la madre di Neymar?

Nadine Santos Neymar/Madri

Does Neymar Jr have a son?

  • Neymar Jr & Son. Neymar Jr. is a young & talented Brazilain footballer, he is just in his twenty’s and is not married yet. Neymar Jr became a father, just at the age of 19. He has a son named Davi Lucca da Silva Santos from his former girlfriend Carolina Dantos.

When is Neymar's birthday?

  • Birthday date: Aug. Place of birth: São Paulo. Nationality: Brazilian. Father: Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior. Mother: Carolina Nogueira Dantas. Neymar became a father on Aug, when his former girlfriend Carolina Nogueira Dantas gave birth to their son: David Lucca da Silva Santos.

When did Neymar make his debut for FC Barcelona?

  • Neymar Jr. made his official debut for the Club on 18 August 2013 in La Liga against Levante. The match ended with a Barça's victory (7-0).

What happened to Neymar in 2009?

  • In 2009, Neymar was named the Player of the Tournament and was also the leading scorer in the Brazilian Cup with 11 goals. He was now a key figure in the team as Santos went on to win the Copa Libertadores by beating Uruguay’s Penyarol 2-1.

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