Quando è nato Ryan Gosling?

Quando è nato Ryan Gosling?

Quando è nato Ryan Gosling?

12 novembre 1980 (età 41 anni) Ryan Gosling/Data di nascita

Who plays Emma Stone?

  • Emily Jean "Emma" Stone (born Novem) is an American actress. She made her feature film debut in the comedy Superbad (2007) playing Jules.

Does Emma Stone sing?

  • With her role in La La Land, Damien Chazelle 's modern take on the classic musical, Emma Stone emerged as a true Hollywood triple-threat: not only can she act, she can also sing and dance. Here, Stone, who is one of the stars of W's February 2017 issue, opens up about her favorite musicals of all time, what it was like to sing on camera, and more.

Did Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone date?

  • Rumors about the duo dating have often circulated, but Stone and Gosling themselves have never confirmed any kind of romantic relationship throughout their on-screen collaborations. Besides, Gosling has been with partner Eva Mendes since 2011 and the couple has two daughters together.

Who is the cast of La La Land?

  • The La La Land cast also includes Jessica Rothe, Sonoya Mizuno and Callie Hernandez as well as J.K. Simmons, who reunites with Chazelle following his Oscar win for Whiplash . Producers include Fred Berger, Gary Gilbert, Jordan Horowitz and Marc Platt. If you don’t live in New York or Los Angeles, fear not.

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