What is the closest city to Rome?

What is the closest city to Rome?

What is the closest city to Rome?

Major cities near Rome, Italy

  • 188 km to Naples, Italy.
  • 231 km to Florence, Italy.
  • 304 km to Bologna, Italy.
  • 371 km to Bari, Italy.
  • 393 km to Padua, Italy.
  • 394 km to Venice, Italy.
  • 394 km to Padova, Italy.
  • 405 km to Genoa, Italy.

What cities are there in Rome?

Towns in Rome and Latium

  • Rome. Roma caput mundi: Rome - center of the world.
  • Collevecchio. ...
  • Genzano di Roma. ...
  • Viterbo. ...
  • Capranica. ...
  • Castel Gandolfo. ...
  • Fiuggi. ...
  • Ponza.

What are the closest countries to Rome?

France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia are the four countries that share a land border with Italy.

What city is near Italy?

List of cities in Italy

Is Pisa close to Rome?

The historical city of Pisa sits on both sides of the River Arno, not far from the Renaissance city of Florence and surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Pisa is close enough to Rome that it can be explored as a day trip, albeit a long one.

What are 3 major cities in Italy?


Where is Vatican City?

Rome Vatican City, in full State of the Vatican City, Italian Stato della Città del Vaticano, ecclesiastical state, seat of the Roman Catholic Church, and an enclave in Rome, situated on the west bank of the Tiber River. Vatican City is the world's smallest fully independent nation-state.

What country is right above Italy?

Italy borders Switzerland (6 mi), France (4 mi), Austria (4 mi) and Slovenia (2 mi). San Marino (37 km or 23 mi) and Vatican city (3.4 km or 2.1 mi) are enclaves. The total border length is 1,836.4 km (1,141.1 mi).

How far is France and Italy?

The distance between Italy and France is 960 km. The road distance is 1420.9 km.

What cities are close to Rome Italy?

  • There are 10 towns & villages near Terni a city just 104 km from Rome and 26 towns & villages near L'Aquila City which is 118 km distant. The most popular of these are Cascia near Terni and Albano Laziale in L'Aquila City.

What beaches are near Rome?

  • Rome Map. Terracina. Other beaches near Rome that you may want to consider looking into are Sabaudia, Terracina, Gaeta, Santa Marinella, and Santa Severa. You can also look into the Italian beach bungalows near Rome at these beaches if you want to experience your vacation in the privacy of your own charming accommodation by the sea.

Is Rome in Italy a safe city?

  • In fact, Rome is one of the safest Italian cities to visit-with a lower rate of theft complaints than Milan, Bologna, and Florence. But Rome is a big city. And it's a well-known tourist destination, which means visitors should take certain precautions.

What are the major cities of Rome?

  • Italy's major cities in terms of population are Rome, which had 3.3 million residents as of 2011, Milan, Naples, Turin, Palermo and Bergamo.

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