Dove ha concluso la carriera Alessandro Del Piero?

Dove ha concluso la carriera Alessandro Del Piero?

Dove ha concluso la carriera Alessandro Del Piero?

Dopo dieci presenze, un goal e uno storico match contro il Pune City di Trezeguet, Del Piero decise di ritirarsi terminando la sua prima e unica stagione deludente con i Dynamos. Spostandosi a Los Angeles , dove oggi vive, dirige una squadra di calcio e lavora come opinionista.

How much did Piero Del Piero cost Juventus?

  • In 1993, thanks to Giampiero Boniperti, Del Piero was bought by Juventus for five billion lire, with an overlap of 150 million lire per season. In 1993, Del Piero transferred to Juventus and played for the Torinese club for 19 seasons until being released in the summer of 2012.

How many goals did Piero Del Piero score in his career?

  • Del Piero scored 6 goals and provided 10 assists in Serie A, although Juventus finished the season in second place behind Milan. Del Piero did manage to capture the Supercoppa Italiana in 1995, over Parma, setting up Vialli's only goal of the match. He also played a key role in helping Juventus to win the 1995–96 UEFA Champions League]

What is the early life of Alessandro Del Piero?

  • Early life. Alessandro Del Piero was born in Conegliano, Veneto. Del Piero is the son of Gino, an electrician, and Bruna, a housekeeper. He regularly played football in the backyard with two friends, Nelso and Pierpaolo, as a child. All three dreamed of becoming footballers, but only Alessandro would eventually manage to do so.

How many times has Piero Del Piero captained Italy?

  • As of 2008, Del Piero has captained Italy seven times (including during UEFA Euro 2008). He also initially regularly wore the number 10 shirt, in particular under Maldini and Zoff, but later gave it to Totti after Euro 2000, and switched to the number 7 for the 2002 World Cup, as it was the first number he wore at the start of his career.

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