Quanto costa una 500 nuova Diesel?

Quanto costa una 500 nuova Diesel?

Quanto costa una 500 nuova Diesel?

Si tratta dell'unica vettura del segmento a proporre una motorizzazione turbodiesel ed è disponibile sugli allestimenti Pop e Lounge, con un listino prezzi italiano a partire da 16.100 euro.

What size engine is in the Fiat 500?

  • The North American Fiat 500 engine produces 101 hp and 98 lbs.ft of torque, however, that is just part of the story. MultiAir enables the 500's engine to have increased throttle response and optimizes torque at part throttle openings, allowing the 1.4 liter engine to have the flexibility of a larger engine.

Where are Fiat 500 made?

  • The Fiat 500 Abarth , North American version, was unveiled on Novem, at the Los Angeles Auto Show. With turbocharged engines made in Michigan, the 500 Abarth is made in Mexico by Chrysler at the plant which once made Neons and PT Cruisers, and still makes the Dodge Journey .

Who makes Fiat 500?

  • Fiat 500. The Fiat 500 (Italian: Cinquecento, Italian pronunciation: [ˌtʃiŋkweˈtʃɛnto]) is a rear-engined, four-seat, small city car that was manufactured and marketed by Fiat Automobiles from 19 over a single generation in two-door saloon and two-door station wagon bodystyles.

Is the Fiat 500 electric?

  • The new Fiat 500 Electric (500e) is a small-sized electric car that was unveiled in March 2020. Despite many similarities with its conventionally-powered petrol sibling, the electrified model was designed from the ground-up on a new platform – marking a new era for the Italian automaker. The city car is also among the first to offer Level 2 autonomous driving capabilities and is available as a hatchback or convertible.

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