Is Flickr photos free to use?

Is Flickr photos free to use?

Is Flickr photos free to use?

Flickr Photos & Images Skip Flickr and use the internet's largest collection of beautiful, free to use photos. Unlike Flickr photos, every image is high quality, free to use, and easy to download.

How do I find someone's photo on Flickr?

If you know both the picture id and the secret for the photo, then you can retrieve info about that photo, including the person who posted it. Go to this page: method=flickr.

How do I get my photos back from Flickr?

Fortunately, there's a quicker way:

  1. Go to on a desktop browser.
  2. Log in.
  3. Tap your profile picture in the upper right, then hit “Settings”
  4. Scroll down, and look for “Your Flickr Data” in the bottom right.
  5. Double check that the email address listed is your current one. ...
  6. Hit the “Request my Flickr data” button.

Who can see my Flickr photos?

Choose who may view your content.

  • Public: Anyone can access your content.
  • Friends & Family: The contacts you've designated as friends and family may access your content.
  • Friends: Only the contacts you've identified as friends may view your content.

What is Flickr used for?

We'll tell you. Flickris a popular photo-sharing and hosting service with advanced and powerful features. It supports an active and engaged community where people share and explore each other's photos. You can share and host hundreds of your own pictures on Flickr without paying a dime.

How can I access my Flickr account?

Once you have set it up, you can try sending yourself a new temporary password with the following steps:

  1. Visit the Flickr login page here:
  2. Enter in your email and click Next.
  3. Choose Forgot password?
  4. Choose Send email.

Where do I find my Flickr URL?

Create your own personalized Flickr URL

  1. Click your Profile Photo.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Locate "Your Flickr web addresses" in the Profile box.
  4. Click Create your own memorable Flickr web address if it's available. ...
  5. Enter your desired web address name.
  6. Click Preview.
  7. Click OK, LOCK IT IN.

What happened to my pictures on Flickr?

Images which are deleted on Flickr are removed permanently and cannot be recovered later. You would need to upload them again to your account using your originals or from a backup.

How do I recover my Flickr account?

After entering your login email address & clicking Next, you will be able to enter your password. Don't remember your password? Not to worry, you can request a password reset email via the Forgot Password link on that screen. The email you receive will contain instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I upload videos to Flickr?

  • Here’s how you can upload videos to Flickr: Click on the “Upload icon” which is located at the top. Next click on “Choose Photos and Videos”. Select the videos you want to upload from your iPhone and then click on open.

Are photos on Flickr copyrighted?

  • Flickr doesn't own the copyright of any photos uploaded by their members. Flickr members retain copyright on content that they upload (provided that they owned the copyright in the first place). Flickr members can select a range of different copyright restrictions for content they upload on an individual photo basis.

Can you use Flickr images?

  • Those photos would be the images that some Flickr users have chosen to offer under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Basically, this means you can use their images on your blog or website, as long as you properly credit the photographer. So let’s do a search for only those types of images.

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