Perché c'è ancora la guerra in Siria?

Perché c'è ancora la guerra in Siria?

Perché c'è ancora la guerra in Siria?

Le stragi perpetrate dalle componenti fondamentaliste dei ribelli nei confronti delle minoranze religiose in Siria hanno portato le Nazioni Unite a definire la guerra civile come un «conflitto di natura settaria».

Why is the Syrian crisis a protection crisis?

  • The Syrian crisis remains first and foremost a protection crisis: 2018 was the deadliest single year for children since the start of the war. Grave violations of children’s rights – recruitment, abductions, killing and maiming continue unabated. Unexploded ordnance is a deadly threat for millions...

How bad is the situation in Syria?

  • The physical devastation in Syria is massive, with schools, hospitals and water treatment facilities destroyed. Meanwhile, an estimated 2.6 million children remain displaced inside Syria, while some 2.5 million children are living as refugees, in neighbouring countries.

What is the impact of the Syria Crisis on children?

  • After more than eight years of conflict, the Syria crisis continues to have a huge impact on children inside Syria, across the region and beyond. Every Syrian child has been impacted by the violence, displacement, severed family ties and lack of access to vital services.

What's going on in Syria's Deraa?

  • Talks to finalise a deal between the Syrian government and rebels in Deraa province have repeatedly faltered. Plan involves using Egyptian gas to generate electricity in Jordan that will then be transmitted via Syria to Lebanon.

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