Dove si è laureato Matteo Renzi?

Dove si è laureato Matteo Renzi?

Dove si è laureato Matteo Renzi?

Matteo Renzi
Titolo di studioLaurea in giurisprudenza
UniversitàUniversità degli Studi di Firenze
ProfessioneDirigente d'azienda

Who is Matteo Renzi?

  • The following day Renzi was formally sworn in as Prime Minister, becoming the fourth Prime Minister in four years and the youngest Prime Minister in the history of Italy.

When did Matteo Renzi resign as Prime Minister?

  • On 4 December 2016, after the failure of the referendum he proposed, announced his resignation. On 7 December 2016, Renzi officially handed over the resignation to the President Sergio Mattarella.

What does Giuseppe Renzi do for a living?

  • Personal life. The Renzi family are regular Mass -goers and are active in the Association of Italian Catholic Guides and Scouts, the largest scouting association in Italy. In addition to his native Italian, Renzi can also speak French and English.

What school did Renzi go to?

  • Renzi grew up in an observant Catholic family in Rignano sull'Arno. He studied in Florence at the Classical Lyceum Dante Alighieri, where he passed his final exam with the grade of 60/60 but was nearly expelled because, as the students' representative, he refused to withdraw a school newspaper in which there was harsh criticism of a maths teacher.

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