Dove vedere il film di Marco Pantani?

Dove vedere il film di Marco Pantani?

Dove vedere il film di Marco Pantani?

Pantani2014 The King of Mont VentouxLe tour a 100 ans Marco Pantani/Film

Come muore Marco Pantani?

14 febbraio 2004 Marco Pantani/Data di morte

Cosa è successo a Marco Pantani?

Caduto in depressione, morì il 14 febbraio 2004 a Rimini per intossicazione acuta da cocaina e psicofarmaci antidepressivi con conseguente edema polmonare e cerebrale, così come provato dall'autopsia del 2004 e da una successiva perizia medico-legale del 2015.

Why is Marco Pantani called the pirate?

  • Marco Pantani. He was known as "Il Pirata" (English: "The pirate") because of his shaved head and the bandana and earrings he always wore. At 1.72 m and 57 kg, he had the classic build for a mountain climber. His style contrasted with that of time-trialling experts such as the five-times Tour winner Miguel Indurain.

What is Giuseppe Pantani famous for?

  • He is the last cyclist, and one of only seven, to win the Giro and the Tour in the same year. Pantani's attacking style and aggressive riding turned him into a fan favorite in the late 1990s. He was known as "Il Pirata" (English: "The Pirate") because of his shaven head and the bandana and earrings he wore.

Is there a movie about Marco Pantani?

  • Italian television RAI aired a television film in 2007 titled Il Pirata: Marco Pantani, a biographical film which starred Rolando Ravello as Marco Pantani. A documentary on Pantani's life titled Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist was released in May 2014 in cinemas.

Is Ilil Pirata based on a true story?

  • Il Pirata: Marco Pantani is a 2007 Italian television film written and directed by Claudio Bonivento . The film is loosely based on the book Pantani: eroe tragico by Pier Bergonzi, Davide Cassani and Ivan Zazzaroni and it depicts real life events of road racing cyclist Marco Pantani.

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