Quanto costa una bottiglia d'acqua da Cracco?

Quanto costa una bottiglia d'acqua da Cracco?

Quanto costa una bottiglia d'acqua da Cracco?

Ben 9 euro per una spremuta di arancia e 7 euro per una bottiglia di acqua da 75 centilitri. Una cifra elevata che ha letteralmente spaccato il popolo dei social network. Da una parte c'è chi critica gli eccessivi standard del locale di Cracco, dall'altra chi difende il popolare chef.

What is the project Galleria Cracco?

  • In collaboration with Sky Arte and Cantine Ferrari, the project Galleria Cracco brings together some of the most important Italian and international contemporary artists to create site-specific works for the ‘lunettes’ over the shop windows of the mezzanine level. The three windows will be visible day and night to visitors of the Galleria.

What is the history of Cracco restaurant?

  • Soon the restaurant became known simply as ‘Cracco’, and it became his culinary home for 17 years before relocating to new premises at the famous Galleria Vittorio in Milan. From 20 it was among the 50 best restaurants in the world (San Pellegrino-The World’s 50 Best Restaurants).

Why is Carlo Cracco so famous?

  • One of the foremost proponents of progressive Italian cuisine, Carlo Cracco is regarded as something of a pioneer. He has won fame in Italy and beyond for his innovative treatment of traditional recipes, and his stylish, often playful food has earned him recognition among the world’s greatest chefs.

Who is Gualtiero Cracco?

  • Perhaps this should come as no surprise, since Cracco witnessed the birth of modern Italian cuisine first-hand in the kitchen of his great mentor, Gualtiero Marchesi. Either way, his respect for the Milanese tradition, combined with his sharp sense of modernity, ensures the future of Italian cuisine is in very capable hands.

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