Come partecipare al Pitti Uomo?

Come partecipare al Pitti Uomo?

Come partecipare al Pitti Uomo?

Per partecipare alla manifestazione occorre:

  1. essere registrati online.
  2. avere acquistato in anticipo il proprio biglietto di ingresso digitale.
  3. mostrare all'ingresso il proprio biglietto digitale insieme ad un documento di identità

What is pittpitti uomo?

  • Pitti Uomo is the world’s leading men’s clothing trade show and ever since the turn of the millenium it has been an increasingly popular destination for dapper men who love clothes.

When is Pitti Immagine Uomo 2018?

  • After almost a year of lockdown and restrictions, Pitti Immagine Uomo is back and Florence is bustling with stylish showgoers once again. Taking place from June 30 to July 2, the event also marks the 100th edition of the annual collection of fashion events held in Italy.

What is the Pitti trade show?

  • In the simplest terms a trade show is where brands show off their latest collections to eager store buyers, and while conceptually, Pitti is no different than other shows like (capsule) or Project, the exhibitors and sheer scale of the four-day event are what separate it from the pack.

Who is the guest designer of Pitti W_woman?

  • 2008: The guest designer of the second season of Pitti W_Woman, Diane von Furstenberg stages a runway show at the Torrigiani Gardens. Pitti Uomo Archives: Thom Browne, 2009.

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