What is Free2Move Lease?

What is Free2Move Lease?

What is Free2Move Lease?

Free2Move Lease offers mobility solutions for small businesses and larger companies and provides flexible business leasing, award-winning products, and industry-leading services. With over 60,000 cars in the Free2Move Lease UK fleet, we offer multi-brand vehicle solutions to meet a wide range of needs.

Who is Free2Move?

Free2Move is a mobility tech company that aims to simplify and guarantee mobility for both private and business customers with solutions adapted to all needs, anywhere and anytime.

When was free to move created?

Freedom of movement and residence for persons in the European Union is the cornerstone of EU citizenship, established by the Treaty of Maastricht in 1992.

Who owns Free2Move?

Peugeot SA Free2Move was acquired by Peugeot SA on .

Does Free2Move cost?

How much is the registration fee? There is no registration fee – upon approval – to be a member of Free2Move Carsharing. There are no additional monthly or annual subscription fees either. You only pay a $1 start fee per trip and the current minute, hour or day rate, always defaulting to the cheapest option.

How old do you have to be to use Free2Move?

21 years of age To become a Free2move Carsharing member, you must be 21 years of age (or 18 years or older with a valid student ID), have a valid Driver's License, a credit or debit card, and meet other criteria as defined by Free2Move Carsharing.

How does Free2Move work?

Free-floating or one-way carsharing You can pick up the car and drop it anywhere within the designated business zones. You reserve and open the car with your app and once you're done, you end your rental with the app. Insurance, parking and gas are included.

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