Cosa fa un eccesso di rame nel sangue?

Cosa fa un eccesso di rame nel sangue?

Cosa fa un eccesso di rame nel sangue?

Quali conseguenze può determinare l'eccesso di rame? L'eccesso di assunzione di rame può comportare sintomi come febbre, nausea, vomito e diarrea. Nei casi più gravi si può avere anemia emolitica e arrivare al decesso. In rari casi, più frequentemente nei bambini, si può andare incontro a danni epatici o cirrosi.

How old is Morbo from Futurama?

  • Morbo the Annihilator (born Septem) better known as Morbo, is a recurring character on Futurama .

Who is Morbo's voice actor?

  • He is also good friends with Richard Nixon . In all appearances of the character, Morbo is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who also voices Kif and uses essentially the same thundering voice for Lrrr . " That's Lobstertainment!

What are the treatment options for Wilson's disease?

  • Medications used include chelating agents such as trientine and d-penicillamine and zinc supplements. Complications of Wilson's disease can include liver failure, liver cancer, and kidney problems. A liver transplant may be helpful in those in whom other treatments are not effective or if liver failure occurs.

What is Morbo's attitude toward his people?

  • Their spawn is, in Morbo's own words, " belligerent and numerous. " Morbo enjoys busying himself with relaying the weaknesses of the humans to his own race, learning all there is to know about windmills and Richard Nixon. He dislikes his wife's cooking and kittens, which give him gas.

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