Come fare bonifico parlante UniCredit?

Come fare bonifico parlante UniCredit?

Come fare bonifico parlante UniCredit?

Anziché effettuare un normale bonifico SEPA, scegli il modello per il bonifico parlante Unicredit o “bonifico per agevolazioni fiscali”. Compila tutti i campi richiesti, in modo da non omettere elementi essenziali per ottenere l'agevolazione. Dovrai specificare l'importo del bonifico (cioè quello indicato in fattura).

What are the subsidiaries of UniCredit?

  • In 2010, UniCredit S.p.A. absorbed its Italian banking subsidiaries: UniCredit Banca, Banca di Roma and Banco di Sicilia.

What is Oneone UniCredit?

  • One UniCredit brings our people, customers and communities together in one place. We want to keep you up-to-date with what's going on within the Group and share stories that inspire and support us all to always Do the Right Thing!

What does the CEO of UniCredit do?

  • Our CEO redesigns the first line of each of UniCredit's business areas and regions, reducing layering and complexities.

What is the history of UniCredit?

  • UniCredit Group was the outcome of the 1998 merger of several Italian banking groups, which the majority one were Unicredito (banks from Turin, Verona and Treviso) and Credito Italiano (consists of Rolo Banca, Banca Popolare di Rieti), hence the name Unicredito Italiano.

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