Quando escono le date di Italo?

Quando escono le date di Italo?

Quando escono le date di Italo?

I biglietti di Italo sono disponibili dai sei ai tre mesi in anticipo e acquistabili fino a tre minuti prima della partenza del treno. Purtroppo non esistono date specifiche, quindi il periodo di prevendita può essere modificato a discrezione di Italo in base alle tipologie di offerte e periodi dell'anno.

What is the speed of the Italo train?

  • Italo trains can reach speeds of up to 250 km/h, which ensures you reach your destination in the quickest possible way. For example, the journey time from Milan to Bologna with an Italo train is about 1h.

What is Italo go?

  • Italo Go: book your train ticket in Italy and complete your journey with Italo partners. Book your next stay on hotel.italotreno.it: many benefits are just waiting for you. Up to 20% off and points with Hertz! Rent at train station or worldwide with discount and 3 Italo Più points per Euro spent.

What are the different types of Italo train tickets?

  • There are three different types of Italo train tickets – Flex, Economy and Low Cost. Ticket prices vary based on the class, travel date and number of seats available. Read on to pick the most suitable ticket type for you.

What is fast track Italo?

  • Fast Track. With the new Italo Fast Track service your journey starts off on the Right Track! Avoid queues and pass through checkpoints with ease thanks to a dedicated lane to help you get on board your Italo train faster.

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