Was Jane bad Jesse?

Was Jane bad Jesse?

Was Jane bad Jesse?

Jane was horrible to Jesse - on multiple fronts. Jane introduced Jesse to heroin, Jane took control from Jesse when she took money from Walt (sure she gave it to Jesse, but she took control from him by being the one who took the money).

Why did Jesse let Jane die?

While Walt is trying to wake Jesse, he inadvertently knocks Jane onto her back; she starts to choke on her own vomit. Walt rushes to help, but then lets her die in order to protect Jesse from their eventual overdose, and for self-preservation since she threatened to expose him. Walt begins to cry before looking on ...

Does Jane come back Breaking Bad?

Like she did in season three, Jane returns in a flashback in the final scene of the movie after Jesse arrives in Alaska, ready to start his new life as Mr Driscoll. Jesse tells her that he thinks her philosophy of "going where the universe takes you" is a good one.

Why does Jane relapse Breaking Bad?

But this is Breaking Bad, so of course, the opposite happens. Instead of Jane being a positive influence on Jesse, Jesse's drug use causes Jane to relapse. ... As Jesse and Jane are passed out in a heroin stupor at his apartment, Walt attempts to wake Jesse and, in doing so, flips Jane onto her back.

Should Walt have saved Jane?

7 Answers. Because she was a bad influence for Jesse. Walter needed Jesse to cook. Walt considers saving Jane, but ultimately lets her die, knowing that her death would help him gain control over Jesse as a result, and possibly stop Jesse from using drugs.

Why did Jesse and Andrea break up?

The reason Jesse broke up with Andrea was Jesse wasn't ready to confess to her that he was involved in the drug trade. ... With how Andrea was portrayed in the series, there is a high chance she would have understood if Jesse told her the truth. By abandoning her, he exposed her to the threat of Welker's gang.

Is Walter White a villain?

Walter Hartwell White, Sr., also known by his alias Heisenberg, is the main villainous protagonist of the television series Breaking Bad. He also appears in a flashback scene in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie.

Did Jesse know Walt killed Jane?

2. Walt knew that since Jane's death and since that day he went with Mike and found him at the crack house, he knew Jesse felt guilty for Jane's death. Jesse told Walt - whilst he held him and he cried - that HE was the bad guy, that it was HIM who killed Jane. He carried that quilt with him from that day.

What did Jane do to Jesse?

From there, Jane turns Jesse on to meth and heroin speedballs, causing him to miss Walter White's meth deal with Gustavo Fring. She then blackmails Walt for Jesse's share of the profits.

Who kills Andrea in breaking bad?

Todd Alquist Cause of Death: Andrea was killed by Todd Alquist as Jesse was forced to watch. Jesse was inconsolable after Andrea's murder and later killed Todd for retribution. The Cantillo family suffered the worst fate throughout the series, with Tomás shot on Gus's orders, Brock poisoned by Walt, and Andrea killed in cold blood.

Who played Jane in Breaking Bad?

  • Ritter is known for her roles as lead superheroine Jessica Jones on the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Jessica Jones and the crossover miniseries The Defenders, Jane Margolis on the AMC drama series Breaking Bad, and Chloe on the ABC comedy series Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23.

Who is the bad guy in Breaking Bad?

  • Breaking Bad () was a critically acclaimed American AMC drama about a 50-year-old high school chemistry teacher, Walter White, (played by Bryan Cranston) who discovers that he has terminal lung cancer.

What episode does Jane die Breaking Bad?

  • In season 2's penultimate episode, Jesse 's (Aaron Paul) girlfriend Jane (Krysten Ritter) chokes to death on her own vomit after taking heroin, while Walter White (Bryan Cranston) watches. Jane wasn't exactly an innocent bystander, as she was the one who convinced Jesse to try heroin, and she wasn't averse to blackmailing Walt.

Who is the actor in Breaking Bad?

  • Bryan Lee Cranston (born Ma) is an American actor, producer, director and screenwriter, best known for his roles as Walter White on the AMC crime drama Breaking Bad, Hal on the Fox sitcom Malcolm in the Middle , and Dr. Tim Whatley on the NBC sitcom Seinfeld.

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