Quanto costa la Clio Captur?

Quanto costa la Clio Captur?

Quanto costa la Clio Captur?

Captur TCe 140 CV Zen133323.100 €
Captur TCe 140 CV Intens133324.950 €
Captur TCe 140 CV RS Line133326.350 €
Captur Plug-in Hybrid E-Tech 160 CV Int.159833.500 €

Quanto costa la Renault Captur 2020?

17.700 euro È arrivata la nuova Renault Captur 2020, con un listino prezzi che parte da 17.700 euro, fino ad un massimo di 30.600 euro necessari per portarsi a casa il crossover francese con un nuovo motore ibrido E-Tech Plug-In, affianco alle unità Euro 6d-Temp Diesel, Benzina e Turbo GPL da 100 cv.

Quanto costa la Renault Captur con cambio automatico?

SOTTO LA LENTE Della Renault Captur, completamente rinnovata nel 2019, vi abbiamo raccontato quasi tutto....PREGI E DIFETTI DELLA NUOVA RENAULT CAPTUR.
AllestimentoCV / KwPrezzo
Captur 1. CV EDC FAP Intens124.950 €

Quanto costa la Renault Captur 1500 diesel?

Prezzo da € 21.900 IVA incl. La gamma Nuovo Captur dichiara prezzi a partire da 21,400 euro, livello molto competitivo per il segmento di riferimento.

When will the Renault Clio and Captur be available in SA?

  • With the launch of the Kiger this week, Renault South Africa has confirmed availability from early next year of the long delayed all-new Clio and Captur.

When will the new Nissan Captur be released?

  • Also revealed in 2019, the Captur, which rides on the same CMF-B platform as the Clio, is expected to arrive before the second quarter with a final date still to be confirmed. Newcomer a lot more striking than the previous model.

How fast is the Renault Clio?

  • There are two exceptions – the Clio is available with an entry-level 1.2-litre petrol engine with 74 hp, while at the opposite end of the scale sits the RenaultSport Clio 220 which, thanks to a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol engine and dual clutch automatic gearbox, will sprint from 0-62mph in 6.6 seconds.

Is the Nissan Clio the best car to drive?

  • Testers note that both deliver a sharp drive, and a ride/handling balance that’s among the best in their respective classes. Overall, though, the Clio is the better car to drive. It hauls almost 100kg less than the equivalent Captur, and its mass is centred closer to the ground.

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