Quanto costa la 500X sport full optional?

Quanto costa la 500X sport full optional?

Quanto costa la 500X sport full optional?

500X 1. CV Sport99925.200 €
500X 1. CV Red99925.450 €
500X 1. CV Cross Dolcevita99927.150 €
500X 1. CV Sport Dolcevita99927.850 €

Quanto costerà la 500X ibrida?

Fiat 500X Hybrid 2021: il prezzo Una nostra stima parla di una cifra di partenza di poco superiore ai 20.000€.

Quanto costa la 500x a metano?

Fiat 500X a metano: a quanto ammonta il risparmio?
Prezzo carburanteCosto km
Benzina1,40 €/lt0,104 €
Metano0,988 €/kg0,047 €

Quanto costa la 500x di seconda mano?

Fiat 500x usate
Prezzo minimoPrezzo medio
Fiat 500x usate 201814.50017.600
Fiat 500x usate 201915.50019.400
Fiat 500x usate 202015.45020.040
Fiat 500x usate 20213021.800

What is the difference between 500X Cross and 500X sport?

  • 500X Cross is the ultimate expression of 500X’s daring spirit, with its front and rear skid plates, LED lights and audacious crossover-asset. With its Sport interiors, advanced technology and strong personality, 500X Sport is the sporty SUV always ahead of its game.

What kind of technology does the Fiat 500X have?

  • Armed with advanced technology like the Uconnect ® 4, which includes a 7-inch touchscreen, Voice Command and Bluetooth ® Streaming Audio, the FIAT ® 500X lets you and your crew take adventure to maximum heights.

Why choose the new 500X Yacht Club Capri?

  • Celebrate your love for freedom: discover the new 500X “Yacht Club Capri”, dive into its marine attitude and get ready to be a road sailor. Stand out, on every landscape. With its hero color, 500X is ready to get noticed, everywhere you’ll decide to go.

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