Chi ha vinto X Factor 2020?

Chi ha vinto X Factor 2020?

Chi ha vinto X Factor 2020?

La quattordicesima edizione di X Factor è una trasmissione televisiva andata in onda dal 17 settembre al 10 dicembre 2020 su Sky Uno....X Factor (Italia) (quattordicesima edizione)
X Factor Edizione 14
EmittenteSky Uno TV8

Quando inizia X Factor 2021?

Si parte giovedì 28 ottobre. In gara quattro squadre, per un totale di dodici concorrenti. Quest'anno non ci sono categorie.

How old is Mika?

  • Mika (born 18 August 1983) is a Lebanese-born British singer-songwriter who started his career in 2007 after topping BBC's Sound of 2007 poll.

What are Your Top 10 favourite Mika albums?

  • 1 Life in Cartoon Motion (2007) 2 The Boy Who Knew Too Much (2009) 3 The Origin of Love (2012) 4 Songbook Vol. 1 (2013, compilation) 5 No Place in Heaven (2015) 6 My Name Is Michael Holbrook (2019) 7 MIKA Live at Brooklyn Steel (digital/streaming only) (2020) 8 Mika a l'Opéra Royal de Versailles (digital/streaming only) (2021)

When did Mika perform on The Tonight Show?

  • Mika was the musical act for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on and 14 February 2008 and for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on . He also performed live on So You Think You Can Dance on .

When did Mika become a judge on the voice?

  • Mika joined The Voice: la plus belle voix (the French version of the television show The Voice) as a judge/mentor in 2014. One of his contestants, Kendji Girac, won the competition that year. : No Place in Heaven Main article: No Place in Heaven

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